The end of 2017 was marked by the Weinstein affair. In Cannes in 2018, women directors, actors, designers, producers and part-time workers took action with the movements Me Too and Time's Up. They denounced the wage gap and other injustices towards women, including harassment and hypocrisy in the film industry. They also reminded us that equality is yet to be achieved and that violence against women is still far too common.

Parvana, a young girl of 11, unfortunately knows all too well the meaning of inequality between the sexes… In Kabul where she lives, the Taliban won’t sell her bread, won’t allow her to leave the house, belittle her, humiliate her and imprison her father, with whom she is able to go to market. But Parvana, who loves literature and story telling, is not planning to obey these fanatics of God and their hate. Using the identity of a young boy, Aatish, she will fight for her family and for her rights.

Another time, another place. In the Paris of the Belle Epoque, of Picasso, Colette and Marie Curie, little Dilili investigates the mysterious disappearance of young girls… Effectively, not all men like educated and freethinking women… Visually breathtaking, the new feature film by the creator of Kirikou, Michel Ocelot, Dilili in Paris is a hymn to light, freedom and the joy of living together.

As for Wes Anderson, in his new feature film, Isle of Dogs, he questions the drift towards populism and authoritarianism threatening our democracies. Using the technique of stop-motion animation, set in a retro-futuristic Japan, Wes Anderson attempts to open our eyes to the rise of extremism, the fate of migrants and the catastrophic state of our planet.

Tales from the Lakeside also sounds the alarm: the lake and the marshes are under threat! The Grimps have no respect for the animals and plants and threaten the ecosystem. How can the conflict between the two tribes be resolved to achieve peace?

Women’s rights, migratory and ecological crises, the rise of all kinds of extremism and obscurantism – the selection of films for younger audiences at the War on Screen Festival 2018 is ambitious, questioning topical subjects and attempting to tackle the most sensitive of issues to enable them in future to build a better world…


THE BREADWINNER, by Nora TWOMEY (2018) - Canada, Ireland, Luxembourg

TALES FROM THE LAKESIDE, by Zsolt PÁLFI (2017) - Hungary


THE BOYS OF PAUL STREET, by Zoltán FÁBRI (1968) - Hungary, USA

DILILI À PARIS, by Michel OCELOT (2018) - France, Belgium, Germany

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